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Acne Phobia

Get Your Skin Under Control With the Latest Treatments

Most of us think the teen years are the pinnacle of “pizza face,” but zits can pop up (literally) again later in life. “Adult acne typically starts around 25 as the teen years have phased out, which is one reason why dermatologists tend to have long-term relationships with their patients,” says Dr. Kenneth Beer, President of ScientificSkin.com.

Exceptional stress is usually the culprit and we all know how our twenties can be a time for major freak-outs. Luckily, there are a number of treatments that can be applied both in the office and at home that will ease explosive skin.

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Face the light

Blu-Light uses a type of light to cook bacteria and oil glands associated with acne. “This is good for people with moderate acne,” says Dr. Beer. Combining it with a specific dye makes this process even more effective because it helps further decrease the skin's level of oil.

Try a laser

Those who tend to get hormonal breakouts (which typically populate the mouth and chin area) are a good candidate for the Isolaz laser, which uses gentle suction to clean pores. “It's a great option for people who don't want to go on antibiotics but want to zap nasty pustules,” says Dr. Beer.

Don't be afraid to peel

If it's black- and whiteheads that have got you hiding under a hat, salicylic acid peels are the way to go. By loosening up the skin's outer layer and peeling away dead cells, those little unwanted spots get removed. “I don't recommend at-home peels, however, because they are not effective,” says Dr. Beer. “In an office, we can deliver a stronger product because we can manage potential complications.”

Desperate times call for prescriptions

Stubborn acne usually warrants a prescription. “The best medications are oral drugs that counter male hormones like Aldactone or the antibiotic Minocycline,” says Dr. Beer. “Accutane is the gold standard for severe cases of acne. Obviously it's important to have an in-depth conversation with your doctor prior to taking any oral drug."

Of course over-the-counter remedies are always convenient. We love Scientific's White Bamboo Exfoliator, which uses bamboo crystals to resurface the skin, giving the complexion instant brightness. Malin+Goetz Acne Treatment treats occasional breakouts using sulfur to dry and medicate. “Since there isn't a perfect product that works for everyone, you may have to try different ones to see which work and which irritate,” says Dr. Beer. But finally, he says there is always the natural route to zapping a pesky zit: “Try dabbing some witch hazel on it a few times a week.” We like the sound of that.

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Acne Phobia
Get Your Skin Under Control With the Latest Treatments
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