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Ask The Beauty Editor

How To Talk To Your Hairdresser About Stealing A Celebrity Look

One thing I've heard many, many times from friends and acquaintances over the years is that they're often disappointed when they go to the salon and ask their stylists to recreate a certain celebrity's look. And while you're never going to look exactly like your favorite star, there are a few things you can do to end up a more satisfied customer.

I asked Neil Weisberg of the Neil George Salon for his take on the situation. Seeing as celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and the Olsens flock to the salon, I figured there was no one who would know better. Below, some of his sage advice:

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Be Realistic "If you've got super fine blonde hair, don't expect to look like Gisele. It's not going to happen," says Neil. "You can have the same shape, but you're going to be disappointed." Look for a celebrity with a similar hair type to yours. Or if you're talking about color, pick someone who has roughly the same base.

Communicate "You have to have a hairdresser that you can communicate with," according to Neil. I strongly concur. Don't be intimidated about asking for what you want and peppering your stylist with questions. But you also have to be ready to hear that a certain style may not be possible, or the best option, for you.

Bring a Picture Neil recommends always bringing a picture: "Otherwise it's hard to visualize someone's hair. If you say, 'Did you see Cameron Diaz's hair in her last movie?' I may not have."

Hopefully these few simple tips will help you get the style you want. And remember, even celebrities don't wake up looking they do in the pages of a magazine — that's what they've got people like Neil for — so don't beat yourself up when your hair isn't an exact copy.

  • Reese Witherspoon is one of the most requested celeb hairstyles at the Neil George Salon.

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Ask The Beauty Editor
How To Talk To Your Hairdresser About Stealing A Celebrity Look
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