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Ask The Beauty Editor

How To Tip At The Hair Salon

Does tipping at the hair salon give you a major case of anxiety? You, my friend, are not alone. Many women are paralyzed by the fear of not knowing who to tip and how much to give each person. I chatted with Leanne Citrone, co-owner of the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles, for a professional's take on the whole situation.

"Honestly, i really do believe that whatever someone gives you is lovely," says Leanne, whose salon caters to celebrities like Nicole Richie, Halle Berry and Leonardo DiCaprio. But she does say that people can always go back to that standard 15-20% model if they're unsure. "Although it also can depend on the type of relationship you have with your colorist or stylist," she says.

Oftentimes there's more than just your stylist or colorist with his or her hands on your hair and if you can, you should tip them, too. For the person who shampoos your hair, Leanne says $3-$5 is appropriate. And for the assistant, she recommends $5-$10, depending on how much work that person did with you.

"People should know that we are really grateful for anyone showing their appreciation," says Leanne. "I know that someone might have been saving up for that haircut. Sometimes it might depend on whether or not you just got paid." She just hates seeing people getting a pained expression on their faces when they are at a loss for what to do. "Just remember, there really isn't a wrong. Just do whatever feels right for you."

  • The salon should be a relaxing place, so quit stressing about how much to tip.

Ask The Beauty Editor
How To Tip At The Hair Salon
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