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Beauty's Dirty Little Secret

Thinning Hair Is Not Just A Man's Problem

There are so many things that women like to dish about when it comes to beauty, and especially our hair. But when it comes to hair loss, there is a lot of radio silence. And the fact of the matter is that the problem is not just a man thing. According to the American Hair Loss Association, women make up to 40% of hair loss sufferers. And it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

We talked to celebrity dermatologist and Chief of Dermatology at Skincare Physicians of Beverly Hills, Dr. Susan Evans, about the causes and what you can do to combat the problem. In fact, she told us that this ranks as the third biggest problem that her patients seek care for. ...Read More

There are a few different reasons that you may notice your hair thinning ... even as early as your 20s.

DANDRUFF According to Dr. Evans, dandruff causes constant irritation to the scalp that results in its swelling thus making your hair follicle loose. When this happens, washing your hair every day can cause it to fall out from the root. To treat it, consult your doctor or dermatologist. They will likely prescribe a medicated shampoo and a topical anti-inflammatory to decrease irritation.

OVER STYLING/OVER PROCESSING "Curling irons, blow dryers and the stripping of the hair with color or chemical relaxers leads to breakage," says Dr. Evans. "The best way to treat or avoid this problem is to maintain the health of the hair and scalp through conditioning treatments, as well as using heat protective products. Giving hair regular breaks from styling tools also helps."

HORMONAL CHANGES Hormonal abnormalities in your menstrual cycle (like polycystic ovary syndrome) and hypothyroidism can lead to hair loss on your head — and ironically increased growth on your face. Dr Evans advises, "You must consult a medical professional such as an OB/GYN or an endocrinologist for testing so that they can determine the best course of treatment.

GENETICS "This type of loss is the most difficult to treat," says Dr. Evans. "It's usually done with Women's Rogaine or hair transplants which are very painful." She explained that temporal or crown balding is caused by a sensitivity to testosterone. When the tiny receptors at the crown are triggered by testosterone or a testosterone-mimicking substance, hair loss occurs. Rogaine blocks the body's ability to be triggered by testosterone.

We also recently discovered a new over-the-counter supplement called Viviscal designed to help battle thinning hair. It is based on the concept that by nourishing the hair from the inside with nutrients that new growth will occur and existing hair will be stronger and less likely to break.

If you're battling thinning hair, know you're not alone ... and that there are many options out there to get you back to a happy place with your locks.

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Beauty's Dirty Little Secret
Thinning Hair Is Not Just A Man's Problem
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