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Glo's writer reveals what it's really like to have super-sized breasts.

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  • Then there are comments that are meant to be compliments—but aren't. I'm constantly told, "You hide your figure well" or, "Doesn't it bother you that men only want you for your breasts?" With a mix of both envy and disparagement, women will say, "I wish you could give me some of yours; I'm so flat." And then, of course, there is the question on everyone's mind (even possibly your own): Why don't you get a breast reduction?

    Aside from the possible side effects of the surgery—death (a risk of any surgery utilizing anesthesia), inability to breastfeed, and loss of breast and nipple sensation—I won't undergo a breast reduction for the same reason I won't get a face lift: I am who I am, and for the most part, I'm happy with myself. I'm lucky. I may be a 40N, but my breasts don't hurt me—and pain, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the only valid reasons to undergo surgery. My upper back doesn't ache, nor do my shoulders have angry red indentations from a lifetime of tight bra straps.

    And while I do see the benefits of being able to lead a more active life, I'm not yet convinced that it's reason enough to go under the knife. Many women cite "hanging breasts" or "stretched skin" as other reasons for surgery, but why can't signs of age and experience be celebrated—or, at the very least, accepted—not shunned?

Glo's writer reveals what it's really like to have super-sized breasts.
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