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Glo's writer reveals what it's really like to have super-sized breasts.

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  • For anyone who wants to see what real boobs look like, I recommend books (like Breasts: Women Speak About Their Breasts and Their Lives) and websites (like 007b.com) that have a cornucopia of female breasts on display: ones large, small, full, sagging, conical, flat and spherical; brown areolas, pink and translucent; nipples tiny, big, pointy and crooked. These photos are neither sensational nor provocative; instead, they're a revelation. Just another female body part with amazing and infinite variety.

    However, questions remain for the Breast Fairy: If a man is obsessed with large breasts, then does he have a fetish, or merely a preference? And do I want my future significant other to adore large breasts, which I so obviously have, or do I want someone who adores me and couldn't care less about breast size? Finally, if the true purpose of breasts is to feed a child, then are my breasts a failure? (I was going to say, My bust is a bust, but I would never be so groan-able.) I don't feel like a failure.

    The Breast Fairy, for her part, has been noticeably silent of late. So it's up to me to live with the duality of my breasts: attention and notoriety, pride and insecurity, awkwardness and beauty. Two breasts… How could I ever expect them to evoke just one emotion?

Glo's writer reveals what it's really like to have super-sized breasts.
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