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Body Conscious

Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey

For better or worse, I'm a total creature of habit. I have no problem eating the exact same thing for lunch or dinner every day. I don't like taking new routes to work, even if they save me time. I've been a fan of Bikram yoga for years because it's the same series of postures no matter what studio you go to.

And I also happen to have a very all-or-nothing personality that I ascribe to being “such a Scorpio.” This works against me when I house an entire bag of candy or decide to laze about on the couch all weekend. But it's currently working in my favor as I've been adhering to a really strict workout schedule coupled with extra-healthy eating.

But here's the rub: I'm about to leave for a business trip to New York to cover Fashion Week for Glo. (Follow us on Twitter @GloMSN for live updates and check the site for a huge wrap-up of everything you need to know when the week is over.) I'm super excited for the trip, but I'm terrified it's going to throw me off my game.

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Fashion Week runs from first thing in the morning through champagne-soaked parties in the evening, with little time for regularly scheduled meals. But I'm determined to enjoy myself without sacrificing all the hard work I've done so far.

Any time you travel for work, it's hard to keep your routine. Eating out more often usually means larger portions and perhaps a drink or two (which I've been trying to avoid lately). Plus, you have to try and find places and time to fit in a workout.

I've already checked out gym schedules and am planning to tote lots of healthy snacks in my bag as I head from show to show. But I'd love to hear your tips for staying healthy and fit while traveling. Share them below!

  • Working out WILL be part of this business trip.

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Body Conscious
Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey
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