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Body Conscious

Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey

Like most of you, I'm my own harshest critic. Sometimes this works in my favor because I push myself really hard. When it comes to my body image, it's one of my worst enemies. I tend to beat myself up about past decisions and mistakes, and that's never been more true than the anger I've felt at myself for letting myself go.

But my friend Lisa, whom you'll remember is my “fitness sponsor,” reminds me that what's done is done. She says, “What are you going to do now?” She's right. And I'd do well to remember that more often, especially in recognizing the hard work I've been putting in.

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Because that's the other thing about being your own worst critic: You don't notice the fruits of your labor so easily or give yourself credit where it's due. You see, for me, the pounds just aren't coming off fast enough. I still think I look a mess. What I need to recognize is that I feel better and am stronger than I was less than two months ago.

And you know what? I look better too. I need to accept what others have told me and know that they're not just blowing smoke. The voice in my head that says, “They're just saying that to make you feel better” needs to be shushed and replaced with one that says, “Thanks. I've been working hard.”

Take the compliment, Ab. And give yourself a few too. Because at the end of the day, positive reinforcement really does work.

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Body Conscious
Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey
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