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Body Conscious

Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey

The thing you realize when you pay attention to your health and fitness is that all those clich├ęs you decided to ignore are true, and they work. Like when you drink less and eat fewer white starchy foods and sugars, you'll feel better and probably lose some weight. I mean, I've always known this is true intellectually, but it's a whole different thing when you see it happening.

The other big truth I've discovered: Your core does indeed matter. You see, I don't think I've ever noticed mine before because of its utter weakness.

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But after almost two months of serious strength training on the Megaformers at The Studio (MDR), I do believe I've discovered mine. Not only can I actually do all sorts of exercises using my abdominal muscles that I couldn't before, but I'm noticing a difference in other places too.

Like in spin class the other day, I literally felt my core working as we took on a big hill on the bikes. I think it's improved my posture, and I definitely feel myself moving differently, even when I'm just getting up off the couch. (Yes, I still spend copious amounts of time there watching cheesy television!)

I have to say, it's pretty amazing to feel your body changing from the inside and knowing that you're literally making yourself stronger every time you work out. I'm surprised to find it becoming as much of a motivator as my own vanity. Who knew that would happen?

  • How strong is your core?

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Body Conscious
Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey
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