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Body Conscious

Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey

Have you ever woken up one morning, looked in the mirror and realized you don't really recognize your body? I'm pretty sure lots of you can relate to some degree. Well, that's what happened to me about a month ago, and let's just say the feeling was miserable.

I've always been tall and, for the most part, pretty skinny — blessed with good metabolism and a penchant for athletics. But in the past year, I've moved across the country, started a new job and eaten my feelings way more often than I care to admit. Oh, and I turned 35. Add all these up and you've got a bunch of jeans in the closet that don't fit quite right and a moody, unhappy me.

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First things first: I know I'm not “fat,” but I'm bigger than I've ever been. But I also know that my body image is directly linked to my general happiness in a way that goes beyond how my jeans fit. And it can cause me to spiral into those “dark and twisty” places. Plus, I honestly want to be super-fit again for my health.

So, like millions of Americans in January, I decided to do something about it. I think seeing (and untagging) some holiday pictures that were less than flattering was my rock bottom and the beginning of my journey. And boy is it harder in your mid-thirties than it was ten years ago, when I swear I got back into shape after one or two yoga classes.

Over the next month, I'm going write about the ups and downs, the things I learn, what's working, what's not (and, yes, even my embarrassing moments) here on Glo. I know I'm not alone in the good ol' wellness battle, so I'd love to hear from you guys too. A little community of sorts.

See you next week, where I'll let you know how I got myself back into the gym and onto a spinning bike and why I think everyone should have a fitness “sponsor.”

Until then…

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Body Conscious
Our Editor's Personal Wellness Journey
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