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Isn't She Lovely

What Happens When The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Isn't You

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    You know the drill. You're single. It's coming up on Saturday and you make plans to go out with a group of female friends. It's going to be a girl's night—just you and your singles cohort.

    After a flurry of logistical text messages and emails, you spend too much time thinking about what to wear. Because even though your goal for the evening isn't to meet a man (no, absolutely not), you know you'll be in a pack, and that pack will be on the prowl to find mates.

    You're not alone. Until a partner is secured, you—like other similarly disposed women—are looking for that special "someone." Someone who notices you from across the crowded room. Someone who pushes his way across said crowded room to buy you a drink. Someone who will say, when you're finally face-to-face, "Wow, you're beautiful."

    For this reason, your circle of friends has been carefully edited—consciously or not—so that no one person is too pretty, or too unattractive. They won't outshine you, but they also won't drag you down. In any given situation, they'll help you to attract a mate tailored to your strengths, and you'll do the same for them.

Isn't She Lovely
What Happens When The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Isn't You
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