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Isn't She Lovely

What Happens When The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Isn't You

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  • "Girls, this is Helen," the Judas of the evening says. "We work together. She and her boyfriend just broke up, so I thought I'd ask her out tonight." She pauses, and then adds with too much enthusiasm, "With the rest of us single ladies."

    "Are you crazy?" you feel like screaming. "You've gone and rendered the rest of us invisible!" You make a mental note to ask Judas what she could possibly see in this Helen girl (this surely unabashed flirt) later in the evening.

    Your reaction, although not entirely justified, is normal. "In the back of their minds, women tend to be very cautious when they see a physically beautiful woman," says Jessica Weiner, author of Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds From Now. "There is an ingrained competitive spark. Part of that is biological. But most of it comes from the societal pressure that women have to compete with other women in order to find a mate."

    To your surprise (and somewhat disappointment), Helen turns out to be perfectly nice. She deflects attention away from herself by constantly asking you questions. Despite yourself, you kind of begin to like her.

Isn't She Lovely
What Happens When The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Isn't You
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