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Glo Investigates: Dirty Looks

The bottom line on the beauty and fashion health hazards making news

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  • Major Flop?

    Nothing says summer like flip-flops, but the casual footwear could be a pain in your feet and legs. As with heels, wearing flip-flops can skew your stride. According to a study by Auburn University in Alabama, when we wear thong-style flip-flops, our heels hit the ground with less vertical force, we take shorter steps, and our toes don't come up as much when our legs swing forward—likely because we're gripping the shoes with our toes. All these things can lead to pain in the foot, hips and lower back, say researchers. The flat footwear isn't designed to support the foot or ankle for extended wear, so save flip-flops for beach days and lazy afternoons.

    Blow by Blow

    Pining for pin-straight hair? As you've probably heard, frizz-free tresses come at a price: The Brazilian blowout has been shown to contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing carcinogen, according to the U.S. government. Obviously, the risk is greater for salon workers than for women who get a treatment every couple months. So why hasn't the product been pulled from the market? "The FDA doesn't have the authority to require cosmetic companies to prove products are safe or to demand a recall," says Paul Pestano, M.S., a research analyst for Environmental Working Group. Though the government can "request" a recall, manufacturer compliance is voluntary. New legislation aims to reform cosmetic safety regulations, but in the meantime, it might be wisest to go for a keratin straightening treatment or to simply stick with your flatiron.

Glo Investigates: Dirty Looks
The bottom line on the beauty and fashion health hazards making news
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