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Great Gams

The latest tricks for getting gorgeous legs

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  • How it works: Cellulaze targets the connective fibers that run between skin and underlying tissue, trapping fat and causing the peaks and valleys of cellulite. One major downside of Cellulaze, aside from the cost and discomfort of the procedure, which includes sounds akin to popping packaging bubbles below the skin, is that patients can take up to three months to recover from the bruising. So if you want beautiful legs for July 4 weekend, then you might want to hold off on the treatment until the fall.

    Budget-friendly alternative: Some doctors prefer a more natural approach. "This includes eating plenty of nutrients and fatty acids, treating your body well, and taking care of yourself emotionally," says dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D., of El Segundo, Calif. Of course, even the best diet won't smooth away cellulite, which has as much to do with genetics as it does with lifestyle.

    If you're looking for a middle ground between the high-tech and the natural approach, then Robert Guida, a plastic surgeon based in New York, recommends Avon Super Shape Anti-Cellulite & Stretch Mark Cream. "Creams that have caffeine, like the Avon product, can work immediately," he says. (Chemicals called methylxanthines, caffeine included, reduce the appearance of cellulite by drawing out water between cells, but they have to be in a topical cream with a proper delivery system to be effective.) "Also, if you stop using them, the cellulite returns within a few weeks," says Guida.

Great Gams
The latest tricks for getting gorgeous legs
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