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Great Gams

The latest tricks for getting gorgeous legs

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  • Cynosure Elite

    What it's best for: L.A.-based dermatologist Ava Shamban knows skin procedures. Her recommended treatment for unwanted hair and discoloration on legs is Cynosure Elite, a laser that is effective on all skin types. An added bonus? The treatments require minimal—if any—recovery time and causes much less discomfort than earlier-generation lasers.

    How it works: This dual-problem-solving device rotates between two different wavelengths during a procedure. One absorbs melanin, reduces hair growth, and fades benign skin splotches. The other, more high-powered laser, also reduces hair growth (even on women with darker skin) and the appearance of leg veins. The cost is about $400 per sheet-of-paper-size problem area.

    Budget-friendly alternative: If you can brave at-home hair removal, then you might try the Flash & Go ($300), a dermatologist-style skin-removal laser. Pair it with the Auriderm clearing gel, a vitamin K– and oxide-heavy cream that boosts the body's own bruise-clearing chemistry, thus reducing the appearance of spider veins.

Great Gams
The latest tricks for getting gorgeous legs
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