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Gym-Free Slim-Down

How Your Hair And Makeup Can Make You Look Thinner

By Emili Vesilind

The basic black cocktail dress isn't the only slimming tool in a woman's arsenal. Hair and makeup — when done strategically — can also make you look like you've been living a carb-free existence.

To get the skinny on how to lengthen a fuller face, we turned to two of L.A.'s most in-demand glamour pros: makeup artist Sherri Darlyn Terry, who's finessed the faces of supermodels, including Chanel Iman, Coca Rocha and Lily Donaldson, and hair stylist Robert Ramos, who's shaped the locks of Eva Mendes, Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba.

Here are their easy-to-incorporate tips for keeping your look lean this summer:


• Ramos recommends creating the illusion of length in the face by adding subtle layers that “pull the face down.” And make sure layers aren't chunky or choppy — which can act like arrows pointing to chubby cheeks.

• Adding highlights around the face softens the lines of a too-square jaw or too-full chin area, says Ramos.

• Short hair is doable for rounder faces, but make sure everything is in balance, he says, explaining, “You want to have the top or back a little longer than the rest of the short haircut to help counterbalance the face's fullness.”

• Keep hair parted in the middle or in a shallow side part to draw the eye straight up. Avoid low side parts altogether: “They accentuate fuller faces,” notes Ramos.

• If your hair is up, you want it “a little on the high side,” he adds. “Don't do an updo that's too wide. You want it tighter on the sides.”


• To thin out a wide face, Terry recommends using a matte bronzer only a shade or two darker than your skin tone as a contouring tool. With a brush, sweep it into the hollows of the cheeks, below the chin and jaw and around the hairline. That gives the illusion of a thinner neck.

• Use concealer as a highlighter down the center of your face — dotting it near the center of your hairline and down to your nose and chin. This will “draw the eye to the center of the face,” she says.

• Fuller faces aren't served by heavy, dark eye makeup, she adds. “Keep the lid and the brow bone defined but light — don't do a big dark crease; it recedes the eye.”

• Be really selective about shimmer, which can actually make facial features look plumper. “Tend towards something that's basically matte with just a little glow on the upper eye,” she says. “And you definitely don't want that super-high disco ball shine on the cheek.”

  • We love looking skinnier without having to break a sweat.

Gym-Free Slim-Down
How Your Hair And Makeup Can Make You Look Thinner
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