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In Defense of Vanity

Why Not Caring About Your Appearance Is Overrated

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  • Natural beauty has become the façade, making it far more unattainable than Kardashian's version of beauty, which gives women permission to look as if they've spent time on their appearance. And why should there be a shame in that?

    It's not that I think there's anything inherently wrong with looking natural, and there's certainly nothing wrong with trying to look natural. This, after all, is my M.O. I've been using prescription anti-aging products since my late 20s and started with the mildly invasive cosmetic procedures by 32. (If I'm going to get away with wearing very little makeup, then my face better look good enough on its own.) The problem is conflating "natural" with effortlessness and a lack of vanity, and valuing it above all else.

    Lady Gaga's recent cover of Harper's Bazaar is a perfect example of this cult of natural beauty. Although much was made of her makeup-free look, the master of artifice herself was less than impressed. In her interview with the magazine, she said, "There's this idea that it's all natural, but everything's been staged to look natural. It is also an invention."

In Defense of Vanity
Why Not Caring About Your Appearance Is Overrated
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