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Keep your cool

From clinical-strength antiperspirants to Botox, how to stay dry this summer

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  • If you're a heavy sweater, then a soft-solid formula is your best bet. Look for a clinical version: This is the strongest antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription. The creamy texture forms a plug in the sweat ducts that prevent perspiration from escaping. These formulas are more effective when applied in the evening before bed (it helps the plugs stay put), helping to keep you dry through the next day. Try Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant.

    All-Natural Alternatives

    Do you prefer to live chemical-free? In the organic arena, deodorants make up the bulk of your options. They control odor with natural ingredients, including antimicrobial botanicals like lemongrass oil, conditioning vegetable sources like corn, and minerals like zinc. Yet they do little to control perspiration. "They're great for that person who doesn't get very wet or isn't bothered by it," says Ricanati.

    Natural deodorants come in stick formulas as well as sprays, roll-ons and pure mineral salt crystals that dissolve on contact. You'll need multiple swipes to get a full dose of odor-fighting protection. Two great choices are Kiss My Face Natural Active Life Deodorant and Weleda Deodorant Spray.

Keep your cool
From clinical-strength antiperspirants to Botox, how to stay dry this summer
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