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Keep your cool

From clinical-strength antiperspirants to Botox, how to stay dry this summer

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  • There's also a good new option if you want to stay dry and green: Tom's of Maine recently debuted the first naturally sourced antiperspirant stick, Naturally Dry, which is made entirely from plants and minerals and is minimally processed. The active aluminum—which blocks perspiration—is derived from salt and has olive-leaf extract and promises to keep you odor-free.

    More Stay-Dry Ideas

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could turn off sweating with the flick of a switch? Well, you can tweak your daily habits to avoid more serious sweat sessions. When the forecast calls for heat, Ricanati suggests backing off anything that raises your body temperature, like caffeine and spicy foods, and adding cooler, milder foods like watermelon to your diet.

    Does your day call for breezing in and out of air conditioning? Wear layers of lightweight cotton (it breathes better than most fabrics) that are easily taken off, so your body more readily adjusts to the extremes. Likewise, during a workout, peel off a layer after you warm up; it regulates your internal temp better than just wearing a tank top at the get-go. If you're a stress sweater, then try to keep calm before an anxious situation; a few cleansing breaths, meditation or a yoga class can do wonders. And downing plenty of H20 is a must. "Whenever you sweat, you're losing water. Drinking more ensures that you're staying hydrated and cool," says Ricanati.

    Naturally, good personal hygiene is a must when fighting body odor. Keeping the underarm area clean and dry is key; if you are having trouble despite regular bathing, then you may want to try adding a mild antibacterial bar soap to your routine.

Keep your cool
From clinical-strength antiperspirants to Botox, how to stay dry this summer
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