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How to Outwit Online Dating

Glo's writer looks at the algorithms of matchmaking in the digital age

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  • But whatever its merits, love-by-algorithm also presents some pretty obvious problems, not least of all being the universally accepted wisdom that people learn from diversity, that opposites do attract, and that dating a varied cast of characters gives you a better idea of who you are and what you want.

    Consider my friend Aubrey, who professes to like only stick-thin liberal men of the Peter Parker variety. Last weekend she met an outspoken conservative at a local bar, and after a few drinks, he invited her to dinner. We've gotten some laughs out of this—Aubrey continues to refer to it as her "GOP-curious" phase—but the instance warrants more serious consideration. Aubrey could end up loving this guy, in spite of his politics. Hell, she might end up loving his politics. But she'll never know if she doesn't go on the date, and she would never find this particular date online.

    Intrigued by Aubrey's Republican foray, I ran a search to unearth the men that OkCupid doesn't readily show me. A disproportionate number of my 0 percent matches serve in the military, have tattoos or children, or both. While I'm not inclined to date someone who's "gotta baby mama but no drama lol," at the same time, I could probably stand a few more encounters, romantic or otherwise, with people who aren't white, college-educated aficionados of Thai food and NPR.

How to Outwit Online Dating
Glo's writer looks at the algorithms of matchmaking in the digital age
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