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That Really Works?

Unexpected Tips For A Healthier You

These days we are inundated with workout advice through every medium possible. Sometimes it's impossible to wade through it all. So we asked personal trainer and Pilates instructor Kit Rich to share some unexpected yet easy-to-incorporate fitness info with us ... and you!

— Stretching and increased flexibility help to improve and boost metabolism by increasing blood flow.

— Want a better sex life? Exercise has been proven to heighten the libido, make you feel and look better and make you stronger and more confident to hold those … unusual positions.

— Wear more formfitting, flattering clothes if you want to lose weight. This can motivate you to stay looking good while wearing them or motivate you to improve your body even more!

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— It is believed that Feng shui for the home can help improve your health. Place mirrors and items in the house that remind you of health in order to help motivate you and project a healthier you.

— Staying mentally focused on your body, while working out, increases the benefits and results.

— Most of the benefits and results from exercise occur post-workout. Your body will look leaner and tighter if you give it proper downtime after a hard routine.

— Carrying a child up and down the stairs for 20 minutes burns about 150 calories.

— Inversion exercises such as headstands, handstands and the common yoga pose “plow,” are considered great “anti-aging” remedies. Who needs Botox when you can do a headstand?

— Brisk walking with a walking pole burns at least 20 percent more calories than just simply going for a walk.

— Weight lifting improves back strength and posture. New studies have shown that better upright posture can improve self-esteem and pride.

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For more advice from Kit, check out her website: www.kitrich.com.

  • Stretching does more than you think it does.

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That Really Works?
Unexpected Tips For A Healthier You
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