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Who is Your Zodiac Frenemy?

Find out why some signs will never be BFFs

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    Ever wonder why you platonically click with some people, but not others? Well, just as our signs can reveal fraught romantic pairings, so too can the stars forecast friendship combinations that are bound for trouble. Here's our guide to some common frenemy duos, to help you make sense of the tensest relationships in your life.

    Virgo + Sagittarius

    This pairing is a common source of mutual irritation, according to astrologer Ally Mead, author of Searching for Sassy: An L.A. Phone Psychic's Tales of Life, Lust & Love. "Adventure, which is practically Sag's middle name, is the source of the conflict and drama," she says. "Though a Sagittarius native will try to get along with everyone, Virgos may find Sag's endless quests for self-knowledge a little wasteful and childish. The end result is a friendship filled with friction and bubbling tensions."

    Taurus + Gemini

    When you put a Fixed sign and a Mutable sign together, you're kind of asking for trouble. "The Taurus friend will most likely value peace, stability, patience and all that is steadfast in life, while the Gemini is attuned towards change, excitement and trying new things," astrologer Andrea Gehrz explains. The Twins may tire of Taurus' steadiness. Alternatively, a Bull might see changeable Gemini as a fair-weather friend.

Who is Your Zodiac Frenemy?
Find out why some signs will never be BFFs
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