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Shady Ladies

Why Do Celebrities Change Their Hair Color So Often?

By Abby Gardner

It seems like every time we go online, Rihanna's got a new hair color. And don't even get us started on the hair "mood swings" of one Lindsay Lohan. Of course, if we had access to the top pros at any given moment, we might play around a little more with our color. But what's with the extremes — red to blonde to striped and back again?

A recent article from the NY Daily News includes some interesting theories. "Your hair color sends a message," psychologist LeslieBeth Wish of the National Association of Social Workers tells the newspaper. "If you dye your hair a certain color, it lets people know that you are trying to attract a maverick, a risktaker, a nonconformist."

Dr. Robin Kerner, a psychologist at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, further explains: "You can't change or control a lot in your life, but you can change and control your hair color. So when everything else in your life is spinning out of control, you can package yourself differently and get people to pay attention to that rather than to something else going on in your life."

Both theories make a lot of sense to us. Changing your hair color is certainly a much healthier (and non-permanent) way to work out some emotional angst or draw attention away from some greater issue — as long as you don't forget to address that, too. We've certainly all known friends who've made drastic physical changes post break-up ... they just don't usually start trends with their choices.

Tell us, have you ever changed your hair color dramatically to mask something else going on in your life?

  • Rihanna is never subtle when she decides to change her hair.

    Laurent Despois / Splash News
Shady Ladies
Why Do Celebrities Change Their Hair Color So Often?
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