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Tarot Compatibility Meter Results

The Magician
Person 1 Apr 19, 1962

The Hierophant

The Magician
Person 2 Oct 8, 1963

The Magician

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The Hierophant & The Magician

This whirlwind combination generates a lot of free-wheeling fun and excitement. Both experience change with a degree of giddy optimism and both love their independence and freedom. There is an inherent playfulness and teasing between them that can also heat up to intense flirtation. Courtship is usually verbally astute and clever, with words lubricating the way to romance. With these traits in common, it sounds like a well-oiled union. The problem is that this pair frequently finds itself going in vastly different directions very quickly. By the time they realize they have diverged from each other, the distance can be a continental divide. This divergence can show up as emotional distance or as heading down incompatible philosophical paths. The Hierophant is more likely to experiment and take on new beliefs and paradigms that leave the Magician bewildered and feeling critical or left behind. When they travel the same philosophical roads together, however, this paring can produce entertaining and educational products with a pioneering edge.

Tarot Compatibility Meter Results - The Hierophant & The Magician
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