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Decorating After Divorce

How to reclaim your space—and yourself—when a marriage ends

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  • Hannotte Interiors/Houzz

    One of my clients is a recently divorced mother of two young children. She had lived in a high-end neighborhood, in a large home filled with nice, large furnishings. Then her world changed. The home was sold, along with most of its contents. The proceeds were split; debts were paid.

    She and her kids moved into a cute two-bedroom bungalow in a different part of town, but initially decorating was the last thing on her mind. After taking some time to process the change, she decided that the only way for her to truly move forward was to create a new home that reflected her hope and optimism for the future. Having spent her previous life in an enormous house, my client had developed a style that seemed to fit that space: opulent, oversize, expensive, everything in pairs. Finding herself in a drastically different space, she realized that she didn't really know what her style was. The decor in her previous home had been more about the lifestyle the family was living, and less about who they really were.

Decorating After Divorce
How to reclaim your space—and yourself—when a marriage ends
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