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9 Tips for Being Invited Back

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  • 4. Use Your Head

    If you want to ensure you'll be invited back again, then there are a few common-sense rules you must follow. "First, handle your liquor. You need to control yourself," he says. "Second, don't take anything without asking. And third, don't ditch your hosts." Ray explains that when he stays with friends in the Hamptons, he often gets invited to other people's houses for parties. "In that case, I tell them that if I come, then I won't be alone. I will be coming with my host," he says. The same rule applies to where you're staying: don't invite guests over to your host's home without their permission.

    5. Follow Their Lead

    Whether you're a morning person or a night person, someone who dresses up or dresses down, when you are a guest, you should follow your hosts' rules. "You rise when they rise. You dress how they dress," says Ray. "That's why my favorite hosts are the ones who like to stay up late and then sleep late!" Remember that the relationship between host and guest is sacred, says Ray, calling it "one of the most intimate relationships you can have. You see them in their pajamas as only their family sees them."

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9 Tips for Being Invited Back
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