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9 Tips for Being Invited Back

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  • 8. Don't Overstay Your Welcome

    As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." Some people may sincerely want you to stay for a week, in which case it's fine to accept, but if you end up staying longer than they'd intended, then you may sour in their eyes. There is often a casual invitation to stay another night, but guests really should leave when they had originally intended to.

    9. Tidy Up

    On the day of departure, remind yourself again that you are not staying in a hotel. A staff with a cart of fresh towels and soap isn't just going to swoop in and clean up your mess. Of course, no one expects you to scrub the floors, but you can at least gather your linens. "I always strip the sheets and the pillowcases and then put the cover back on the bed," says Ray. "I put the linens in a ball at the end of the bed to make it clear that they are used and need to be taken away. It makes the cleanup easier for the hostess or her housekeeper." The same can be done with your bath towels and face towels, and if you really want a gold star, then you can empty your wastebaskets in the kitchen trash.

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9 Tips for Being Invited Back
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