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Hump Day Happy Hour

Raise a Glass to Salute Our Presidents

The two things Americans most associate with any long weekend/national holiday are car dealership mega-sales and alcohol. While we can't help you out with the former, we're all over the latter: This week's cocktail goes colonial to pay tribute to presidents of the past.

“American Trilogy” combines apple brandy that dates back to America's early days, with orange bitters from four-generation-old manufacturer "The House of Fee by Genesee since eighteen hundred and sixty three." So toss back some of this presidential potion and you'll be sippin' the same stuff as George Wash, Tommy Jeff and Honest Abe.

Drink enough of this truth serum and Abe won't be the only honest one—serve cautiously at President's Day parties to avoid mass embarrassment when you get up on the nonexistent stage and profess your love for a neighbor.

“American Trilogy”


1 brown sugar cube

2 dashes orange bitters (from "The House of Fee" recommended)

1oz rye whiskey

1oz Applejack

Directions: Place the brown sugar cube in the bottom of a rocks glass. Add two dashes of bitters and muddle. Add the rye whiskey, applejack and a block ice cube. Stir to chill. Take orange zest and squeeze the essential oils over the drink. Garnish with zest and serve.

A favorite cocktail of Comme Ca Chef David Myers, “American Trilogy” comes to Glo from the folks at Milk & Honey, located in London and New York City.

  • This drink is fit for Washington. And Lincoln. And Jefferson. And ...

Hump Day Happy Hour
Raise a Glass to Salute Our Presidents
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