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Hump Day Happy Hour

Happy Birthday to Barbie!

Life in plastic is indeed fantastic. Though she doesn't look a day over 18, Barbie turns 52 today. While critics argue that she promotes an unrealistic body image, no one can deny her place in pop culture history and the nostalgia she invokes. With three Barbie dolls sold every second, it's safe to assume that despite the recent explosion of Bratz dolls, there are still plenty of girls dreaming of pink Corvettes, gorgeous beach homes and obliging boyfriends … and can you blame them?

Having held down hundreds of jobs, ranging from nurse to NASCAR driver, Barbie works hard for the money and could use a drink that's both relaxing and health-boosting, which is why TY KU Liqueur designed “The Mattel Mojito,” a low-sugar cocktail packed with antioxidants and super fruits. Share a glass with the Ken or Skipper in your life and cheer to 52 more years of doll domination.

“The Mattel Mojito”


4 oz. TY KU Liqueur

Fresh Mint

1 Squeeze of Lemon or Lime

1 Squeeze of Orange

1 oz. Diet Citrus Soda

Directions: Muddle the mint with the squeezes of citrus in a cocktail shaker. Add the liqueur, shake and pour into a highball glass filled with ice. Fill to the top with the soda and stir.

TY KU Liqueur combines vodka-substitute Soju with teas and fruits to create a refreshing citrus taste that's low in calories, sugar and carbs.

  • Barbie, you still got it.

    Alli Harvey/Getty Images
Hump Day Happy Hour
Happy Birthday to Barbie!
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