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Hump Day Happy Hour

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With A Candy Cocktail

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we've got a case of the sweets that candy hearts just can't cure. To kick our craving, we asked cocktail consultant Joseph Boroski to hand over the recipes for his most in-demand candy concoctions.

Renowned for fresh, organic sips, Boroski creates confectionary creations that look—and, more importantly, taste—outstanding.

Though you'll want to keep your "Choco-Nut Martini," "Ticker Tape Parade" or "Wonderful Cosmo" all to yourself, share a glass with your valentine and we guarantee that your guy will go gaga.

"Choco-Nut Martini"

Originally created for The Establishment in Manila, Philippines


Choco-Nuts (available in the Asian food aisle)

1 oz. Choco-Nut vodka*

1/2 oz. bourbon

1 oz. soy milk

1/4 oz. simple syrup

1 shake cocoa powder

*Start with a 2/3-full bottle of vodka. Fill with crushed Choco-Nuts until liquid is to top of bottle. Seal, shake well and allow to sit for one week, shaking daily.


Combine one crushed Choco-Nut with all other ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Stain finely over ice into chilled martini glass.

Note: If Choco-Nuts are not available in your area, then replace with any crunchy chocolate and peanut candy.

"Ticker Tape Parade"

Originally created for Immigrant in Jakarta, Indonesia


1 oz. premium vodka

1/2 oz Chambord

3/4 oz. candy syrup*

1/8 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

1 lollipop

*Add small, round, hard candies in a fruity flavor to a sealable, heat-proof glass container. Pour in boiling hot water to just under the top of candies. Stir and let sit for 24 hours.


Pour chilled Chambord into bottom of a V-shaped Champagne flute. Place lollipop firmly in glass over the Chambord. Shake the remaining ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker, and then strain into glass over the lollipop. Add a handful of small, hard candy balls to the glass.

"Wonderful Cosmo"

Originally created for W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan


1 1/2 oz. premium citrus vodka

1/4 oz. premium orange liqueur

3/4 oz. freshly squeezed lime

1/2 oz. Oceanspray cranberry juice

1 cotton candy ball


Combine vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice and cranberry juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and fine strain into a chilled glass with narrow rim. Make a loose cotton candy ball that's bigger than the glass rim. Balance the ball atop the glass with a skewer or fork stuck into it. Before drinking, push the cotton candy into the cocktail.

  • Sip on a little sweetness this Valentine's Day thanks to the "Ticker Tape Parade" cocktail.

    Courtesy of Joseph Boroski
Hump Day Happy Hour
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With A Candy Cocktail
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