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Mission Possible

8 Ways to Get Your Closet Under Control

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  • 2. Edit Your Wardrobe

    After going through your clothes to separate the winter knits from the summer frocks, get ruthless. Toss that old bridesmaid dress, those too-small jeans and that flannel shirt from the '90s. If you haven't worn an item regularly in the past year and you don't plan on wearing it, give it to Goodwill or have a yard sale. “Lack of editing is one of the top reasons behind a cluttered closet,” according to Emily Henderson, a Los Angeles-based design consultant and stylist. “If you always opt for the same 3 pairs of jeans and neglect the other 10, get rid of them. It feels amazing to purge what you don't use.”

    3. Wrangle the Shoes

    A common source of clutter (and those embarrassing tumbles in the closet) is shoes strewn about the floor. Stop tripping over your pumps or crawling around searching for that left sneaker by using shoe boxes and … Polaroids. Design Star contestant Courtland Bascon advises, “take a Polaroid picture of the shoes and stick it to the front of the box so you don't have to open every one looking for the right pair of shoes.” If you want a more uniform look, he adds, “clear shoe storage boxes from the Container Store or Ikea are great.”

Mission Possible
8 Ways to Get Your Closet Under Control
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