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Mission Possible

8 Ways to Get Your Closet Under Control

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  • 6. Buy Organizing Essentials

    Get out and shop for the tools of the trade. Toss those wire hangers (yes, Joan Crawford was right), and opt for velvet slimline hangers, says Henderson. “You have a ton of space because the hangers are so thin,” she adds. “It's also amazing how compartmentalizing all your accessories can clear up space,” says contestant Alex Sanchez. “Use tie hangers, handbag organizers and belt trays.”

    7. Get Your Friends and Family Involved

    Just because it's your junk, doesn't mean that you've got to tackle it alone. Recruit some help and lure them in with the promise of free clothes. Friends are great style advisers and will let you know whether a dress is still cute or whether it would look better on someone else. Pass things on to your niece and give away those never-worn shoes to a girlfriend. Another trick: “Play the ‘Who can Organize Mommy's closet the fastest' game with your kids,” jokes Henderson.

Mission Possible
8 Ways to Get Your Closet Under Control
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