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I Know How She Does It: Compromise

A Real Working Mom Reacts To New SJP Film

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  • Just the other day I was reeling over a professional disappointment (in short: they chose the other writer), when an editor I'd just started working with called me up to tell me how much she liked my first article—and would I do more.

    As we chatted about the assignment, I fed the cat, started a load of laundry, put some sweet potatoes in the oven and scraped day-old peas off the floor. Eventually I moseyed into my bedroom, where, through the window, I saw my husband, Jeremy, positioning Liam at the top of a tiny slide we'd recently inherited from a friend. Every time he reached the bottom of the slide, Liam would squeal with joy and scrabble around to the foot of the steps, waiting for Jeremy to lift him up again—making Jeremy laugh almost as loudly.

    Mental Note #65: Take a mental picture.

I Know How She Does It: Compromise
A Real Working Mom Reacts To New SJP Film
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