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Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas

10 things never to say to brides

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    The sight of an engagement ring can make even the most well-intentioned friends and family members start asking touchy questions or offering unsolicited advice. "Most people weigh in because they're excited," says Meg Keene, author of A Practical Wedding. "But people can end up unloading a lot of their own baggage on brides." Avoid accidentally offending an engaged woman by reading these ten common things she'd rather not hear—and what wedding experts suggest saying instead.

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    1. "Congratulations on your engagement! Did you set a date yet?"

    Friends and family barraged Amy of Long Beach, CA, with wedding questions days after her boyfriend proposed. "I didn't even have a venue, but people were asking, 'Do you have a DJ yet?' and 'Do you have a veil yet?'" she says. "I wanted to say, 'Please, back off!'" Even though you may be genuinely eager to hear about wedding plans, someone who just got engaged likely doesn't have any yet—and all those questions can be overwhelming. "Instead, ask about the engagement story," says etiquette expert Anna Post, co-author of Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition. Can't help asking about the wedding? Test the waters with an open-ended question. "Try: 'Have you had any thoughts about planning yet?' If she looks at you in horror, change the subject," suggests Post.

Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas
10 things never to say to brides
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