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Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas

10 things never to say to brides

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  • 2. "I can't wait for the wedding!"

    This comment is appropriate if you've received a wedding invite or save-the-date—but awkward if you're not on the guest list. "My mother's school's secretary, old neighbor and distant cousins have all said this," says Amy, who isn't inviting those people. "If a bride isn't able to have the big guest list she wants due to her budget, she'll feel uncomfortable having to break the news to you,” says Sharon Naylor, wedding expert and author of Bridesmaid on a Budget. A better approach: Offer your congratulations, but don't assume you're attending.

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    3. "If your marriage is anything like mine…"

    Recent bride Ashley, of Houston, TX, was speechless when her mother's friend told her, "The things you find hilarious about your fiancé now will annoy you when you're married." "Giving marriage advice is fine when it's actual, constructive advice," says Keene. But statements like what Ashley heard come across as complaints about the "advisor's" spouse—or the institution of marriage. "Saying something like, 'Marriage is hard sometimes, and the honeymoon period won't last forever' is helpful. Assuming all marriages will be exactly like yours isn't."

Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas
10 things never to say to brides
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