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Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas

10 things never to say to brides

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  • 6. "What time does the wedding start?"

    Even after sending invitations with the link to her wedding website, bride-to-be Kathleen of Sacramento, CA, found herself fielding questions about information included on her site. "When a friend asked me, 'What hotels are nearby?' and 'What's the venue's address?' over Facebook, I thought, 'If you're already online, can't you go to our website?'" she says. A bride has plenty of things on her mind, so try to answer your questions yourself before bothering her. If you truly can't, then e-mail or text the bride—as long as it's not the week of the wedding, says planner Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning. "If possible, pose it as a yes or no question so she can respond quickly," says Pease. "And if she doesn't reply in a reasonable amount of time, reach out to her bridal party or family for help." The don't-bother-the-bride rule also applies during the wedding. "If something happens that you can't fix yourself, mention it to the maid of honor or the wedding planner, not the bride," advises Pease. "They can strategize a solution that won't create more stress."

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    7. "What's your budget?"

    While talking about wedding plans, Jean was taken aback when a friend asked, "Don't you think it'd be better to save your money for a house?" While you may intend to help the bride, comments and questions about finances can be insulting and nosy, according to Post. (You wouldn't ask a friend what her salary is, would you?) "I understand how a conversation with friends can get you to that spot," says Post. "But your opinion on how much they're spending doesn't do the bride much good, and it comes across as spiteful." So unless you're contributing to the wedding, keep your mouth shut on the subject of the budget.

Avoid the Wrath of Bridezillas
10 things never to say to brides
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