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21 Ways to Prevent Infidelity

Experts share their tips for stopping an affair before it starts

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  • 18. Keep things exciting.

    Each partner should endeavor to spice things up by doing the following: (1) whatever pleases the other person in and out of bed, (2) take time out for each other to go on dates, (3) take short and long vacations alone, (4) show each other appreciation, (5) give each other massages, (6) cook for each other, (7) notice little things, (8) be considerate, (9) be thoughtful, (10) be kind, (11) be understanding and (12) compliment each other. —Chidi Asika-Enahoro

    19. Make daily habits that show your spouse that you love him.

    Habits include kissing each other regularly, holding hands, hugging, saying, "I love you" and cuddling in bed before you drift off to sleep. Another good habit is to give special gifts to your spouse periodically. This could be a note in his lunchbox, a card or surprising him by washing and waxing his car. —Cindy Holbrook

    20. Show your appreciation.

    It's not uncommon for men to feel under-appreciated. He pays for dinners out, helps with the chores, gives you regular foot massages, puts up with your many moods and he hardly gets a thank you. Cut down on the nagging and try showing your partner that you appreciate him; maybe even throw in a little unexpected gift, too. If he knows he has a woman that cares for him, it will give him one less reason to stray. —Miss Natasha Ngonyama

21 Ways to Prevent Infidelity
Experts share their tips for stopping an affair before it starts
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