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Advice From "Grandma Glo"

An Author Shares The Relationship Wisdom She Learned From Her Grandmother

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  • The author and her Grandma Glo

    Courtesy of Kristen Garbarre

    While our grandparents may not fully understand modern dating rituals (and might scoff at the idea of a man asking a woman out via text message, no matter how common it might be to young people today), they can often provide wisdom to guide us both in life and in love.

    In her newly released memoir, How to Love an American Man: A True Story, Kristine Gasbarre details how the love lessons her grandmother Gloria—whom she calls "Grandma Glo"— forever changed her perspective on what it really means to be in love. Here, she shares just some of the advice that Glo imparted on her.

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    Decide what you want out of life first.

    Grandma told me that every woman holds a vision of herself in her heart. "You have to decide on the things you want in life and address them before you can commit to someone else," she said. This piece of advice was the most shocking, because I thought she'd tell me the energy I'd invested in my career, my travels and my evolved world view were selfish endeavors. Instead, she applauded me for sowing my wild oats—and shaping myself into an interesting, self-knowing woman—before settling down with a man. She said that when I met the right guy, my sense of self-knowing wouldn't chase him away, but would rather make him love me even more.

Advice From "Grandma Glo"
An Author Shares The Relationship Wisdom She Learned From Her Grandmother
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