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An Open Letter to My Trainer

Writer Julieanne Smolinski offers her sincerest mea culpa

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  • I hope you're not worried that I have not been exercising in the interim. I've participated in such diverse athletic competitions as billiards, darts, which are officially all classified as tournament sports, according to Wikipedia. True, OK, yes, these are both activities that can easily be negotiated while eating nachos in a bar, but you can see the word "sports" there, plain as day. I don't make the rules.

    I have also been keeping up my health in other ways, like drinking lots of water, if the taste of Coors Lite is any indication. Kidding! Ha ha, but it's true though—pretty much everything is made of water. Technically even beer.

    Additionally, I'm making the smart food choices we talked about. I'm always sure to read the labels on everything. In fact, this is my favorite new thing to do when I am resting my thumb. I can tell you how many calories are in any number of products, like pretzels, and I pay attention to things like serving size. For instance, after I eat a bowl of pretzel nuggets, I'm confidently able to say to myself, maybe while I stare into a mirror, "That was a pretty enormous serving of pretzel nuggets."

An Open Letter to My Trainer
Writer Julieanne Smolinski offers her sincerest mea culpa
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