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Are Your Pals Sabotaging You?

Beware of misleading dating advice from friends

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    Ladies, I'm going to give you some of the best dating advice you'll ever hear. Free.

    Stop asking your girlfriends for dating advice. Wait. I'll amend that. Be very careful which of your female friends you turn to in times of romantic distress. The problem with most of said advice and reinforcements is that it's rarely objective. Here are five misleading things girlfriends say.

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    1. "You look great!"

    Thanks to social media, we have an endless supply of people who are happy to toss off this attaboy whenever we post a new Facebook photo. I can remember reading one such status update a few weeks ago. The woman had recently lost a fair amount of weight and, to her credit, it showed.

    The string of comments underneath her picture ranged from telling her how hot she was to how "skinny" she was. As I perused the list of people commenting, I wasn't surprised to see that there was nary a man in the bunch.

Are Your Pals Sabotaging You?
Beware of misleading dating advice from friends
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