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Bad News Beau

What You Shouldn't Say to a Pal Who's in a Toxic Relationship

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  • "How are you not over him yet?"

    Perhaps your friend finally broke free from her toxic relationship, or is in the process of doing so. At this point, your support is more crucial than ever. While you might not understand why she's so bummed about being without the lackluster guy she was dating, resist the urge to badmouth him and realize how much courage it takes for her to leave.

    "You need to be ready to listen—and listen—and not to be judgmental," says Yager. "You also to be OK with her going over and over her dilemma, especially whether or not she should leave. These are not easy decisions, and she might just need you as a sounding board while she figures out what to do for herself." She suggests letting your friend grieve the relationship and not pushing her to meet new people right away.

    Instead, use this opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with her, suggests Levine. "Think of diversionary things to do together, like going to a movie, shopping or on a girlfriend getaway, or invite her to do things with you and, perhaps, you and your partner."

Bad News Beau
What You Shouldn't Say to a Pal Who's in a Toxic Relationship
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