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Blame It on Their Brains

Male Behavior Explained by Science

By Natasha Burton

Louanne Brizendine, M.D.'s latest book, The Male Brain (her follow-up to The Female Brain), examines the testosterone-induced mysteries that have plagued women for centuries. Brizendine says she hopes her research will help us "see the world through male-colored glasses ... [to] better understand how a man thinks about relationships, emotions and sex.” We can't help but wonder, though: Is it really a good thing that men now have biologically-sanctioned excuses — I mean, reasons — for driving us crazy?

Here are some of the behaviors the book explains:

Men can only pay attention to things that interest them. The male brain shuts down when it registers white noise — like when people repeat themselves. So when you're confronted with a blank stare and have to ask him if he's listening to you, he's not.

On that note, men can't help looking at other women. According to Brizendine's research, the lust center in a man's brain “automatically directs him to notice and visually take in the details of attractive females.”

Men are wired to woo us into bed. Women apparently want love and commitment, while the male brain puts sex first. Brizendine tells us that a man's brain contains a circuit board-like area of sexual pursuit "that is 2.5 times larger than the female ... it's like a TV screen in a sports bar — always on in the background.”

And they only need three minutes of foreplay. It's simple, really: To prep for sex, Brizendine writes “[men] only need blood to rush to their crucial appendage."

Men can't control their tendency to fall asleep right after sex. According to one researcher quoted in The Male Brain, sex “works a lot like a sleeping pill.”

They also need more shut-eye than we do. From the time they are teens, Brizendine says men will “go to sleep and wake up later than women do” until we go through menopause.

Men always want to fix it. If it seems like your husband isn't listening to you when you're upset, it's because his brain is working to solve your problem. In fact, “when women cry, it may evoke brain pain in men," Brizendine writes.

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Blame It on Their Brains
Male Behavior Explained by Science
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