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Caroline Rules

A Message For Moms: It's Okay To Not Do It All

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  • 3) The kids would help me fold laundry, put groceries in the cart at the supermarket, and walk with me to get the mail from the mailbox. When picking one up from school, I would ask the younger ones to collect leaves or pinecones as we waited, or to look for a bird in the sky before asking, "Where do you think they're flying to?"

    4) Maybe you won't have time to read a bedtime story each night, but you can hug and kiss your kids and ask something like, "Remember the story we told in the car today? Do you think you'll dream about those kids tonight? If you do, you have to tell me about it when you wake up!" You'll be amazed at how fast those little guys will fall asleep! So what if the beds don't get made perfectly? I guarantee that you will smile as you listen to them tell you about their dream as you make the beds together in the morning.

    My point is that the simplest moments can give you the most powerful connection with your children, creating a bond that will endure from childhood to adulthood. Trust me—this I know for sure.

Caroline Rules
A Message For Moms: It's Okay To Not Do It All
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