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Caroline Rules

How To Handle Personal Questions From Family Members

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  • Year after year, we allow ourselves to get all worked up over the possibility of a few uncomfortable moments of conversation. The key word here is allow. We allow our family members' meddling behavior to bother us and we allow it to control our feelings. So, take a step back and realize that perhaps your Aunt Rosie lives vicariously through you and just wants to have a conversation about the life she never had. And maybe your Uncle Joe just wants to feel needed and important like the old days before he retired. I think it's all done with good intentions, so smile, nod your head and indulge them.

    Remember, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so try to overlook the negative and don't, again, allow a few moments to ruin all the good times that can be had. You will smile affectionately one day as you remember those relatives who used to drive you crazy—and maybe, just maybe, you will miss hearing their voices when they are no longer around the holiday table.

    Life is short. Treasure the moments. I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe holiday season filled with love and laughter.

Caroline Rules
How To Handle Personal Questions From Family Members
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