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Caroline Rules

How Can I Get My Husband to Be More Romantic?

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  • Romance has to come naturally; you can't force it or demand it. I would suggest having a playful conversation with your husband, maybe even give him a little "homework." If you leave him a love note, then put a blank piece of paper with a pen next to it and jot down something cute and silly that doesn't make him uncomfortable, like "write back, please" with a heart.

    If he tells you look pretty, then say thank you. Don't answer with "Oh please, I'm a mess." Negative responses to a positive thought can drag him down. Answer playfully with, "You're not so bad yourself."

    My point is that you have to tread lightly. Encourage him when he takes initiative. This could mean that he takes you on a date to a baseball game, which might not be your ideal romantic situation. But, if you hold hands the whole time, then smile and let him know that you appreciate it. Maybe suggest going for a cup of coffee afterward, or for a walk in the park. Baby steps!

    Whatever you do, don't nag and don't demand. He's going to figure it out, slowly but surely. Be grateful for the simple things and understand that it may be all that he is capable of.

Caroline Rules
How Can I Get My Husband to Be More Romantic?
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