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Caroline Rules

Should you tattle on a two-timing relative?

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    Read Glo's monthly column for no-nonsense advice from Caroline Manzo, the woman who put the real in Real Housewives.

    The Dilemma: A couple years ago, we found out that my sister's husband of more than 30 years had been having an affair. My sister left him, but they've since gotten back together. (They were high school sweethearts, and I don't think she'd know what to do without him.) I suspect that he has started cheating again; all the signs are there. But my sister is happy, and if she suspects anything, then she's not acknowledging it. I love my sister, but it's become uncomfortable to spend time with her and her husband. I'm not sure how to act around either of them. Should I keep my mouth shut even if it means compromising my own principles? -Anonymous

    Caroline's Ruling: I hate to say this, but your principles have nothing to do with this. This is your sister's marriage and your sister's life, not yours. I can certainly understand your concerns, but your sister faced this issue before and has made the conscious decision to take her husband back. (cont.)

Caroline Rules
Should you tattle on a two-timing relative?
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