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Caroling Solo

How To Spend The Holidays Alone

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  • 2. Create your own memories.

    Rather than feeling sad that you won't be spending time with your ex and his family, think about the things you couldn't do together that you can now explore as you wish. Maybe she hated the cold, but you love to ski or ice skate; or maybe he wasn't a churchgoer, but you've always loved gathering with other people of your faith. Whatever you do, remember that now's the time to research and rediscover what makes the season special for you.

    3. Don't compare your experience to those of others, if you can help it.

    In a country where married couples constitute just half of homeowners, there's more diversity in the way people live and celebrate than you'd imagine. Rather than feeling self-conscious about not having the picture-perfect holiday you see on TV, open your curtains and look around your neighborhood. You'll likely see couples with and without children, single parents, groups of friends, elderly people who may or may not live alone—and all of them making the best of the holidays, just like you should.

Caroling Solo
How To Spend The Holidays Alone
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