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Caroling Solo

How To Spend The Holidays Alone

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  • 4. Honor that this is your first holiday alone.

    Don't rely on others to rescue you. Losing a partner can feel like losing the chance to have a happy ending, but it can also be a necessary reminder that you are responsible for your own happiness, and always have been. Waiting for someone else to brighten your holiday season (read: rescue you) will only leave you feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. You have the power and choice to make the holiday a positive or negative experience. Which will it be?

    5. Take this opportunity for introspection and rest.

    Without downtime to process your feelings, you may find your emotions around the breakup bubbling up at inconvenient times, such as the middle of a family party. Rather than viewing your upcoming time off as a void to be filled, you might see it as a needed oasis, during which you can write in your journal, have long phone calls with friends and family, and catch up on exercise or sleep as your body needs. By the time Dec. 31 comes around, you may be more ready to greet the New Year than you have been in a long time.

Caroling Solo
How To Spend The Holidays Alone
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