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Caroling Solo

How To Spend The Holidays Alone

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  • 8. Explore your own backyard.

    Your breakup may have come about because one or both of you felt like you were in a rut. Now you can break out. If you live in a city, then chances are there are countless online calendars packed with activities, festivals, art exhibits and the like for you to browse. And even if you live in the sticks, then you can still get behind the wheel to find new hiking trails, out-of-the-way ethnic restaurants tucked into mini strip malls, used bookstores full of dusty old classics, or clubs and groups that get together to share interests. Get curious about what will happen when you stretch your legs and your mind a bit.

    9. Or, if you'd rather, get out of town.

    If every corner of your hometown reminds you of your ex, then book a ticket to somewhere you've never been, with friends or by yourself. Without anyone else to please, you can spend hours wandering one museum or market, or befriending a stranger on the train. If planning all the logistics of a trip alone sounds too stressful, then there are plenty of package travel companies that put together group trips of solo travelers; traveling with a group like this, you may find yourself making new friends (or finding new romance) as you scale the peaks of the Himalayas, float down the Amazon, or wander the Christmas markets of Europe. Whatever you do, don't let your fear of being "alone" keep you trapped at home.

Caroling Solo
How To Spend The Holidays Alone
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