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Cheaters, Deconstructed

An Expert Divulges Why Men Stray

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    Cheating cannot be excused, but it can be explained. According to behavioral expert Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., being unfaithful is more than merely a byproduct of libido-meets-opportunity. Although the details of each affair vary, there are common threads in a man's biology and psychology that can be used to understand his betrayal. We asked Wanis to explain what's really going on inside a cheater's brain.

    Biological Impulse

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    Humans are not biologically wired to be sexually monogamous. "The instinct is to survive and reproduce, so men have a biological impulse to spread their seed with as many women as possible to increase the chances of survival for their offspring," says Wanis. "Men have the biological ability to mate on a daily basis, whereas women do not. In other words, men are set up to have sex with more than one woman," he says. "But, as humans evolved with a need for emotional intimacy and connection, we now place greater emphasis on monogamy, and men have the ability to overcome the biological impulse if they choose to do so."

Cheaters, Deconstructed
An Expert Divulges Why Men Stray
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